Xpresso Pump Setup Instructions

How to Install the Xpresso Pump onto a Moka Pot

Now that you've purchased an Xpresso Pump, you'll need to do an easy, one-time setup. 

  1. Use a wrench or pliers (10 mm or 11 mm) to unscrew the Moka pot's blow-off valve. Save for posterity.
  2. Screw the red, tapered silicone fixture into the threaded hole of the blow-off valve. Once you can see at least 2 mm of red on the inside of the hole, you can stop twisting. (Note: If you have a newer Bialetti with the larger 11mm hole, do not insert so far that it blocks the funnel and seals off the air path.)

That's it! Now you're ready to enjoy precision extracted coffee so you get all the flavor from your beans. You'll never drink bitter coffee again and save money on beans!