6-Cup Moka Pot Silicone Gaskets (2 pack)

6-Cup Moka Pot Silicone Gaskets (2 pack)

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Silicone Gaskets for 6-Cup Moka Pots

This is a silicone replacement gasket for a Moka pot stovetop espresso maker. The gasket fits any 6-Cup Italian coffee maker including:

  • Bialetti 06961
  • Vev Vigano Primula
  • ILSA
  • IKEA's stovetop espresso coffee maker

The replacement gaskets are durable silicone material which NEVER needs replacement! Silicone is a long-lasting material that is superior to the Bialetti rubber gaskets. This is the last gasket you'll ever need to purchase for your stainless steel or aluminum stovetop espresso coffee maker.  

OUR Moka pot silicone gaskets are different from others you can buy, and make closing and sealing much easier! You'll wonder how you put up with artificial rubber gaskets for so long. 

Our premium Moka pot accessories are easy-to-clean and will hold their shape over time. Price includes shipping.



Product Dimensions

56.5mm ID   71.5    OD